Similan Islands Liveaboards

We specialize in liveaboards and diving courses at the Similan Islands.
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Liveaboard Trips to the Similan Islands

A warm welcome to Similan islands liveaboards. For over 17 years we’re helping scuba divers from all over the world, to find the right liveaboard trip for them. From beginning divers to experienced divers, from budget trips to more luxury liveaboards, and from 2 days to 1 night; to as long as you want. Our multi-lingual experienced staff will help you with making the best liveaboard trip choice. All the Similan islands liveaboards we’re offering have Khao Lak as their home port. Therefore, we choose the center of Khao Lak as place for our shop. This enable us to keep a close eye on the standard of service provided, and we’re always available when you need some help or have questions, once you’re here. For the liveaboard trip we provide you with our own well maintained quality diving equipment, which you can fit before the start of the trip.

The Similan Islands

The west coast of Thailand is well known for it’s a great dive sites with crystal clear waters, spectacular under water rock formations, colorful coral reefs, and abundance of sea life. On Similan Islands liveaboard trips, you can experience this world class diving yourself. On the liveaboard trips you’re visiting the Similan islands archipelago. The Similan islands is a group of nine islands around 60 kilometers west of Khao Lak. The huge boulders, green jungle and white powder sand beaches makes it a tropical paradise. Under the surface a magical world arises, here also huge boulder formations, thousands of years old coral reefs full with hard and soft corals with marine life everywhere where you look: from tiny nudibranchs, sea turtles, sharks, anemone fishes to the great manta rays and whale sharks. North of the Similan islands you find Koh Bon; well known as being a manta ray cleaning station, and therefore one of the best places to dive with these great creatures. Further north you can find Koh Tachai – with its colorful reefs and big schools with barracuda’s and trevallies. One of the best Thailand’s dive site is Richelieu rock – covered with a blanket of purple soft corals, water Koh Bon is a cleaning station of the manta rays. Richelieu rock is considered one of the best dive sites. Covered with a blanket of soft corals home of micro life like sea horses, ghost pipe fish and colorful nudibranchs and frequently visited by manta rays and whale sharks during the season.

Similan Islands Liveaboard

A liveaboard trip is an important part of your holiday planning, and if you’re unfamiliar with the diving here; it’s good to have a contact person who can help you with your holiday planning properly. You may have many questions such as where or what would be the best liveaboard trip for me? A question we get many times. Hence, if you are looking for a liveaboard trip, but thinking what would be the best trip which suits my diving experience, travel schedule and budget; then think of Similan islands liveaboard? At Similan islands liveaboard, our experienced staff will help you finding the right liveaboard trip for you. With 17 years of experience in finding the right Similan islands diving liveaboard trips for our guest, we’ve selected a range of quality liveaboard trips with different time length and for every budget to serve every guest’s diving wishes. All the liveaboard trips leave from Khao Lak, therefore our shop is also here. Booking with us is quick, easy and if there are any questions from your or our side we solve these during your booking. To confirm your trip, you only pay a deposit; the open balance you’re to pay in our shop on the day of departure, where you can also meet our staff.